Heidi Theander Grünfeld
Heidi Theander Grünfeld Clay Enchanter (30)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Aleshia Lusk
    Aleshia Lusk Mystic Master Of Pottery (335)

    Great pots! 30 x 5- no comments

  2. Theo Gaidars

    I accidentally got into your gallery. You have outstanding pots. I rated all 30 with 5⭐️ stars and enjoyed them. Please visit my gallery and leave stars on pots you liked. I'll be very glad. Thanks. Best wishes, Heidi.

  3. Sarfraz Shaikh

    Nice gallery I don't have more than 5***** to rate your all beautiful,awesome or I don't have more words also dear

  4. Faith Collins
    Faith Collins Mystic Master Of Pottery (120)

    Amazing Work!

  5. Jamie Medhurst

    Nice gallery like all your pots great work nice brush work and color combinations keep up your great work and voted 5 Stars on your first page so far will be back for sure, your welcome to come and visit my gallery anytime ***** (:-{))

  6. Nonno Ono
    Nonno Ono Ming Wannabe (18)

    Hello, Heidi! Came by to scatter fives throughout your gallery! Please feel welcome to come visit my gallery and see what you like! :)

  7. Mukerrem Yilmaz

    Mutlu yıllar...

  8. Chitranjan Gupta

    I visited ur gallery..u hv a nyc collection..i left 5 stars each for ur pots..i wud lyk to welcome u to visit my gallery...:) :)

  9. JH  Chen
    JH Chen Mystic Master Of Pottery (79)

    Very beautiful gallery! I voted 5*x12 pots.

  10. Scott Bailey
    Scott Bailey Mystic Master Of Pottery (793)

    Congrats, on a great gallery, you have just scored a big handful of 5 ★★★★★ rating on your latest pots! Enjoy CLAY! 'The Aussie Potter! Your most welcome to poke you head into my gallery anytime! CHEERS!