Mariana Ghircau
Mariana Ghircau Heart Of Clay (32)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (126)

    Missing you deeply, my
    sweetheart. Love you!

  2. Joanne Duffin

    Hi Mariana. Hope all is well with you. We are all missing you. Sending good vibrations your way sweet lady. Hugs.

  3. Kim Hembree Bolden

    Hello Mariana!!
    How are you doing? I wish all is well!
    Miss reading your lovely, poised blessings.

  4. Ally Hawkins
    Ally Hawkins Mystic Master Of Pottery (352)

    Hi Mariana, I hope you are doing well! I think most of us have noticed your absence, as your comments are kind and encouraging, and we all appreciate and love your well wishes! Many warm hugs! ⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  5. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (126)

    Hello sweetheart, Mariana.❣
    I miss you! I hope you are
    feeling happy and doing
    well. Many hugs to you
    and much love!❣❤❣

  6. Dany Elle
    Dany Elle Mystic Master Of Pottery (511)

    Hello Mariana! Best wishes for you!
    Thanks for all the support daily! Blessings! :)

  7. Theresa Lowe
    Theresa Lowe Mystic Master Of Pottery (878)

    Hi sweetheart Mariana, are you okay honey I haven’t seen you playing lately!
    Have a amazing and blessed day sweetheart with family and friends:) ❤️Hugs and love ❤️

  8. Maria Dudici
    Maria Dudici Mystic Master Of Pottery (179)

    Thank you very much for your appreciation and support, sweet lady Mariana! I wish you a beautiful autumn with lots of sun in your heart! I hug you with great love.

  9. Pete McLarty
    Pete McLarty Mystic Master Of Pottery (128)

    Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. Calvin Reimer
    Calvin Reimer Mystic Master Of Pottery (118)

    You're amazing, thanks for all your kind words!! Wish you a great rest of your life. :)